26th February 2020

  1. Communications / Information
    • SQ asked that any questions, comments or clarifications be directed for their attention at communityfeedback@southernquarries.com.au
    • Please provide an email address to which blast and other notifications will be sent, protecting residents’ privacy with Bcc distribution.
    • SQ will issue notification of all blasting, not only those visible from Sellicks during the summer months.
    • Blasting has reduced in recent months due to reduced production requirements
    • Community complaints/feedback  received by SQ & EPA have reduced from 26 to 2 for the summer Dec to Feb quarter compared to last year.
    • SQ offered to give a quarry overview and geology presentation to a FoS public meeting
    • Community Open day to be scheduled in April
  1. Infrastructure improvements progress – $2.0 million investment
    • 500 tonne storage bin for secondary sand open stockpile completed,
    • Completion of primary dump chute enclosure due end of March rather than start, due to delays with galvanizing frame and internal gantry crane availability
  1. Dust suppression
    • Recycled water use fully operational from Willunga Basin up to 50 million litres per year supply, 
    • Recycled water feeding new 375,000 litre tank with increased pressure improving fill times and turnaround times for the water trucks
    • Sprinkler deployment and automation around whole site including central crushing processing plant
    • Pipework installed at 50m intervals on overburden mounds with timers 
  1. Shrub/tree planting 
    • 3000 trees planted and 5 tonnes of grass seeded spread in 2019
    • Lower level of the over overburden mound adjacent Main South Road will be planted with trees, once the next upper level is completed
  1. Dust Management Plan – (complied by Golders for SQ)
  1. Results of independent monitoring
    • Additional EPA dust monitor now installed on nearby property located between quarry and Sellick residential area
  1. Expanding residential areas
    • Southern Quarries will be consulted through both EPA & Dept for Energy & Mining (DEM) in regard Council’s master planning for Sellicks
  1. DEM Mining licence MC 4414
    • Submissions to DEM were provided to SQ for response to DEM by 30/1/2020. DEM application process will progress through 2020
  1. Land acquisition
    • No progress with acquisition of St Vincent farm track to facilitate southern extension of overburden mounds 
    • Private land sale completed to north of quarry with no right of access impediment to quarry or new owner
    • Quarry owns land on both sides of Old Sellicks Hill Road which remains a public right of way under Council control.
    • Quarry in discussion with Council & Willunga Basin Walking Trail (Contact: Zara Lupton or Chris Davies c/o willungabasintrail@outlook.com.au) to establish a safer ridge line route for a track away from quarry boundaries and blasting.
  1. Truck movements on Main South Road
    • SQ has been in consultation with Main South Road Action Group and DPTI, lobbying for under/over pass junctions
    • Against roundabouts due to cost noise and impact of trucks decelerating and accelerating
    • Stage 2 Aldinga to Sellicks planning progressing but construction deferred to 2022, 
    • Junctions at Victory Hotel, Quarry and Country Road being considered in consultation with DPTI

Southern Quarries Community Update 

6th December 2019

Hello Registered Sellicks Community Members,

Email to provide further updates and progress of current initiatives to further reduce dust generation from Sellicks Hill Quarry:

  • Installation of a 500 tonne storage bin for the Secondary Sand Open Stockpile – this project has encountered additional delays due to engineering drafting for the structural design and painting not being completed on schedule. Revised completion is now the 31st December 2019 to allow for full construction and commissioning of the storage bin. A 150 tonne crane will be onsite next week to complete the final lift’s and stand the structure in place. We are continuing to divert the sand stockpile to another section of the plant and apply additional dust mitigation strategies until the storage bin is completed.
  • Enclosing the Primary Dump Chute and Crusher – this project is progressing well, but due to the size and complexity of the shed enclosure, the original due date of 31st January 2020 is becoming a concern to complete construction. Concrete foundations are planned to be installed mid-December 2019, followed by a construction program of 5-6 weeks for the enclosure. The construction program cannot commence until approximately 14 days after the concrete foundation has been completed. Southern Quarries has therefore sort approval for an extension to the completion date of the Primary Enclosure to 1st March 2020, which the EPA has approved. The primary crusher will not be in operation until the shed enclosure has be completed.

Both of these delays and new completion dates have been updated and included in the site

  • Dust Management Plan (DMP) which has also been recently approved by the EPA.
  • Recycled Water – the connection for recycled water is now completed and in use at the site through the water trucks for haul road and stockpile dust suppression. To alleviate any concerns with the use of recycled water and spraying through the water truck, a secondary chlorine dosage system was installed to further treat the water and remove 99.9% of any residual bacteria contained in the recycled water. The agreement with Willunga Basin Water to supply 50,000,000 litres of recycled water per year will not only increase the amount of water available on a daily basis for dust suppression (particularly over summer), but also reduce the reliance on mains ‘drinking’ water for Quarry operations. The recycled water will feed into the 375,000 litre tank that was installed in January 2018.

This community update will also be posted on our website www.southernquarries.com.au/environment.  As always, if you have any concerns or complaints with regards to the Quarry operations, please email communityfeedback@southernquarries.com.au.

Thank you

Michael Close